Microlot Costa Rica La Guaca  250g

Microlot Costa Rica La Guaca 250g

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This 'Microlot' is a coffee from an extremely small Costa Rican farm, where the diversity of climates and their impact on coffee production has led to a thriving coffee trade with a great reputation for quality.

Located at around 1700 masl, La Guaca plantation refers to the place where centuries ago native inhabitants used to bury their deceased relatives together with their belongings, typically cooking stuff but also gold. When years later the people came to work at this land they noticed several flat surfaces indicating a “Guaca” might be there. Nobody found any gold, but the holes they digged remained as an indication that someone thought they came across a gold mine! Many years later the gold that the Ureña family has found at this piece of land occurred to be a great potential for coffee quality, and because of that Isabel decided to call the plantation La Guaca.

Flavour Notes: Raspberry | Mango | Clementine | Cacao | Creamy | Long Lasting Aftertaste

Processing: Honey

Cup Score: 87.25

One of our favourite coffees from Costa Rica. Discover its deep flavours with a pour over.

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