La Marzocco Leva S
La Marzocco Leva S

La Marzocco Leva S

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Leva rethinks the form of a lever espresso machine. No longer must safety be compromised in order for a café to use lever technology. The lever group gives line of sight to the captivating breakthrough mechanics.

Leva features groundbreaking design, and technology in a mechanical, reliable, and user friendly machine. The innovative design reduces the force required to operate the machine by almost 50% compared to a traditional lever machine, while also introducing a safety clutch system. Leva machine makes it possible to adjust both the pre-infusion pressure and the maximum extraction pressure delivered by the lever piston, allowing to personalize coffee brewing and attain consistent shots.

2 Groups;

€15,305 Machine Only Price (Installation Incl)

13,775 Machine Price with 12 month Wholesale Contract 

3 Groups;

€17,335 Machine Only Price (Installation Incl)

€15,305  Machine Price with 12 month Wholesale Contract 

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