HONDURAS, Finca don Pancho

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Roberto’s father comes from Santa Barbara and one day he bought a property in El Cielito, a small village in the region. He decided to plant coffee as his father taught him. Roberto’s brothers and him helped dad a lot, preparing the coffee nursery and planting coffee trees. Portillos always had good quality but have always been selling their coffee to the conventional local market for low and irregular prices. Over the years Roberto’s father divided the farm and gave it to his sons as a heritage.

“I continued working on the farm, the same way that my father taught me. Now my son is my right hand and he manages all activities on the farm.” Five years ago they changed the coffee variety on the farm mostly for parainema which gave them a possibility to access the specialty coffee market.“

Two years ago we started to prepare our first microlot of specialty coffee.

“Thanks to this, we now have better prices and better income!” – Roberto says.


Flavour Notes: Strawberry | Vanilla | Forest Berries | Intense | Juicy | Complex

Processing: Washed

Farm Height: 1450 MASL.

Cup Score: 86.5 

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