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The coffee is floated and washed before then being pulped and fermented in tiled tanks overnight for 12 – 16 hours. The coffee is then dried on the patios for 7 – 10 days weather depending.


In 1988, a German decaffeination company called CR3 developed this process for decaffeination whereby natural carbon dioxide (which comes from prehistoric underground lakes) is combined with water to create ‘sub-critical’ conditions which creates a highly solvent substance for caffeine in coffee. It is a gentle, natural and organically certified process and the good caffeine selectivity of the carbon dioxide guarantees a high retention level of other coffee components which contribute to taste and aroma.

Flavour Notes: Nougat, milk chocolate, lemon zest, honey like sweetness

Processing: Sparkling Water Decaf

Farm Height: 1200-1400 MASL.

Cup Score: 83.75

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