DECAF, Colombia Monte Bonito

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The sugar cane decaf process is no less than a multi-step journey for the beans that involves being lovingly steamed and bathed in hot water with great care, followed by multiple washes using natural ethyl acetate solvent. When all of these steps are complete, then comes drying to give them their desired finish before finally receiving protection from carnauba waxing - just like any good masterpiece!

This decaffeinated coffee beans come from Monte

Bonito, a small town nestled at the foot of Cerro Bravo in Colombia's Andes Mountains. The roasting profile has resulted in a delicious combination of cherry, chocolate pudding and caramel with a creamy body.

It's a real treat for fans of decaf.


Flavour Notes: Cherry, chocolate pudding, caramel, creamy body

Processing: Decaf

Farm Height: 1800 MASL.

Cup Score: 85

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