Costa Rica, Las Lajas

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This elegantly sweet coffee is from an extremely small Costa Rican farm, where the diversity of climates and their impact on coffee production has led to a thriving coffee trade with a great reputation for quality.

The cherry picking is laborious and tedious, where pickers literally pick each cherry one by one when it is ripe.  While this type of picking is typical for speciality coffee, its the post picking sorting, cross checking and sorting again, before splitting the cherries and then sorting and checking each individual bean to make sure there are no defects.  Its a truely insane but brilliant process, which delivers one of our absolute favourite coffees

This 'Las Lajas' variety hits the nose with aromas of nectarine and Peach, and these flavours present in the cup also but there is a gorgeous honey sweetness also. Hints of toffee, on the palate with a sweet lemon acidity on the finish makes this a special cup. 

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