Prices Increases for 2024 & Why

Prices Increases for 2024 & Why

As we head into the new year, increased changes to government policies and economic factors are contributing to a rise in the cost of running The Old Barracks.

From February 2nd, our prices for a cup of coffee will be increasing across our 4 locations. This is an unavoidable change we have had to make to sustain our small business. If there is no change made by the government, more and more businesses will close as it is not sustainable to maintain this level of cost increase.

Is €6 for a cup of coffee a reality by 2025? 

 We will always maintain our quality and core values. Our business model and commitment as a brand remain unchanged and are as follows;


We begin 2024 in a deficit of -€141,817. This is the total additional costs for 2024 caused by new Government Policies.

See our infographic below one outlining all of our extra costs in relation to labour, goods, taxes & more.