Kenya is Back!

Kenya is Back!

The coffee you have been asking for has returned! Kenya is back on our shelves & our bar in Birdhill 😍

This fan favourite is a delicious medium intensity bean from the Gakuyu-Ini farm located on the slopes of Mount Kenya! These beans are bursting with tasty flavours of Red Currant, Lemon Tart & Caramel with an Acidic & Complex cup profile. 

How to brew this coffee at home?

This Kenyan bean is great for brewing with any filter methods of home brewing. 

You can create great Kenyan coffee at home with an Aeropress, V60, Chemex or  Clever Dripper 😄 This bean is really tasty brewed from any of these filter methods. Need help brewing? No problem just send us a message!

Lets talk about the beans..

These are unique, rare beans called Peaberries. They hold only one seed as opposed to two like a regular cherry. This results in the beans being more brightly acidic & more complex in the upper aromatic ranges of the profile. 

In order to create these beans, the farm begins with a disc pulping machine that efficiently removes the skin and pulp from ripe cherries, yielding coffee beans graded by density. Grades 1 and 2 undergo separate fermentation for 16 to 24 hours under shade. After washing and another density grading, beans soak for 16 to 18 hours in clean water from the Gatomboya stream. Finally, beans are sun-dried on African beds for up to 21 days, protected from extreme heat and moisture with plastic covers.

We buy in our green coffee beans from sustainable speciality coffee farms from around the world. Our focus is to roast only beans from ethical and traceable sources.

So if you are coffee curious, these Kenyan beans are a must try! Visit us in Birdhill or grab a bag online!